About Us


BIM Coordination

Dimensional Design Systems is a consulting firm, specializing in MEP BIM coordination.  Through this process we are able to create an accurate building construction model for the trades to install their work without coordination issues in the field. BIM Models are created to reduce the labor hours in the field which can quickly bring a project over budget. Through using BIM software, related tools and correct management procedures, we can help to create a more profitable project that also finishes on schedule.     


Specializing in Electrical Design

Dimensional Design Systems is also a drafting design firm, creating some of the best designed 3D Electrical layouts in the tri-state area. We  create detailed shop drawings from the coordinated construction model which will allow the personnel in the field to perform installation accurately and efficiently. We can also help in this setup process by creating, sharing, and teaching the field the document sharing process.  Digital Plan Rooms can also be incorporated into the design process. This is a mobile design area where devices (ie. iPads, tablets, etc.) can find the information provided and understand all about the subject matter and easily clarify the construction models.    


The Help is Right Here

Many firms would like to offer BIM services to their customers.  We can fully take on all the requirements for the project as representatives to your company for any project awarded.  Also please let us know if you would like to review the project during the bidding phase so that you can put an accurate number behind the requirements to successfully accomplish any BIM related jobs. If your company simply just needs assistance to your workload for your internal drafting or BIM managment departments we are here to help and assist.  Please let us know how we can help in any BIM related manner.