About Our Services

 Dimensional Design Systems offers a wide range of BIM consulting services that help take construction projects from start to finish. Implementing BIM in your project provides many benefits. Through Building Information Modeling, we are able to create an accurate building construction model for the trades to install their work without coordination issues in the field during project delivery. We utilize top BIM technology such as Autodesk Revit, and others to ensure that our BIM services are unmatched and high quality.

Dimensional Design Systems is also a drafting services design firm, providing electrical design services and creating some of the best designed 3D Electrical layouts in the tri-state area. We create detailed shop drawings from the coordinated construction model which will allow the personnel in the field to perform the electrical services installation accurately and efficiently. We can also help in this setup process by creating, sharing, and teaching the field the document sharing process.

We have provided BIM services and electrical engineering services to construction companies in Philadelphia, New York City, Delaware, and more. Whether you are looking to outsource your project needs, or looking to support your engineering team, Dimensional Design Systems can help.

Learn more about DDS and how our BIM team and electrical design team can take your BIM projects and electrical projects to the next level.


MEP BIM Coordination Managment


 Our BIM consulting team will establish control and develop the BIM execution plan (BEP). This sets deadlines of the proposed agenda and timeline of project design progression. Initially, a team meeting will be held to introduced all project team members, establishing necessary schedules, file naming convention, standard modeling locations, file transfer methods, and software versions compatibility.  Meetings will be periodically organized to review the model status. Clash detection is performed to review all up-to-date files and organize resolution to any and all BIM modeling conflicts.  Workflow is continually managed to produce a coordinated design model, essential to a supreme product when the project construction process and BIM implementation takes place in the actual field. 

MEP Design


 We specialize in creating 3D models of all different types of Infrastructure.  Once the 3D modeling layout is designed, it is then implemented into the BIM coordination model. Through utilizing the supplied construction documents, it allows us to create the actual shop drawings for the tradesmen to use in order to precisely install the Mechanical Systems, Electrical Systems, and Plumbing Systems within the project.  This usually can and will save many hours of labor and reduces issues in the field that without it, can continuously arise during the constructability phase.  

Equipment Design


 Through using the proposed design specification sheets provided to us, we are able to create the 3D element or drawing.  Once we are able to recreate the object(s) into a layout format, we can then implement them into the BIM process and construction design model.  The electrical equipment will be accurately represented within the 3D model, thus allowing the install to go smoothly in the field. 

Digital Plan Rooms


 This is our combined documentation of any and/or all contract drawings, shop drawings, sketches, detail specifications, which we hyperlink together during the electrical design project. This organizes and simplifies project management, allowing the field to easily navigate within their field devices to find the information quickly.  This whole feature minimizes the time spent retrieving and searching for documents, specification, renderings, drawings, etc.  Having a digital plan room allows the electrical engineering project to be built more efficiently and effectively. 

Coordinated Layout Design Drawings


 The creation of shop drawings directly from the coordinated 3D layouts.  These are the installation instructions in which your field personal installs by to minimize trade installation issues. These documents would be found within our Digital Plan Room which would be updated throughout the duration of the project lifecycle. 

Scanning Services


As the output of 3D scanning processes, point clouds are used for many purposes, including to create 3D CAD models for manufactured parts, quality inspection, and a multitude of visualization, animation, renderings.